Workshop om Over-the-Top video services – 31. oktober 2012

An exclusive workshop with Colin Dixon.
Presented by GlobalConnect A/S and The Diffusion Group, San Fransisco

Få et dybdegående indblik i de seneste analyser og research i de amerikanske Over-The-Top tjenester, og deres aggressive internationale udrulningsstrategi, der rammer Norden som et af de første nye områder i verden.

Colin Dixon fra The Diffusion Group i USA er en af branchens mest vidende personligheder indenfor online distribution af tv og video, og vi holdt en vellykket og velbesøgt workshop med ham i november 2011.

Han er tilbage med en workshop med de nyeste analyser af Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, AppleTV etc. Workshop’en afholdes i København onsdag 31. oktober kl. 9.00 til 13.00, i forbindelse med “Copenhagen Future TV Conference 2012″.

Workshop’en afholdes i Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, Arni Magnussons Gade 2, 1577 København V. Efter workshop’en byder vi deltagerne på netværks frokost i Tivoli Brasserie (ligger også på hotellet). Pris pr. deltager kr. 3.490,- ekskl. moms.

Deltagerne på workshop’en får udleveret omfattende tal- og research materiale fra de gennemgåede præsentationer.


Læs i øvrigt Colin Dixons artikel om Netflix’ overraskende indtog på det nordiske marked hér.


TV Moves Online: Market Slices, Video Vices and Connected Devices

Led by Colin Dixon, Senior Partner Advisory, of The Diffusion Group

The connected world is beginning to exert its irresistible pull on the television industry. From broadcasters to operators, device manufacturers to infrastructure vendors, every company is scrambling to understand how to adapt to the new world order. Some are hanging tough, retrenching behind the tried and tested business models. Others are shunning the old ways and going native with over-the-top services and solutions. Still others are trying to walk that fine line between traditional models and Internet innovations.

At the center of it all sits the consumer, whose love affair with connected devices is fueling the migration of TV online. The demand for video on every device with a screen and a connection to the Internet is upending the traditional entertainment experience. Behaviors established over the last 80 years could be swept away in a decade or less.

This half-day workshop will help you makes sense of all these changes. We will start with an in-depth look at the newest Nordic OTT Pay video service: Netflix. We will look at this OTT VOD business, its prospects in the Scandinavian market and how subscribers to the service are feeling after price increases and content changes have shaken up the experience in the US. Then we will look at how operators and broadcasters are responding to the Netflix challenge. WE’ll look at why HBO launched in Scandinavia and at how this might leverage US properties such as HBO Go. We’ll also look at how TV-Everywhere deployments are helping avoid the specter of cord-cutting.

Understanding the environment at the television set is critical to any successful video service. We will focus particularly on smart TVs and Internet STBs and understand how other devices like game consoles and blu-ray players will compete. Mobile video consumption is also becoming a critical part of the TV experience. This workshop will help you understand the transformational impacts of the iPad as well as how smartphones are entering the mix.

Finally, we will look at the new environment for television. To do this we will examine the impact of apps and the cloud on Internet video and see how these two essential elements come together to create entirely new TV experiences.

With great change, comes great opportunity. TDG’s TV Moves Online Workshop will help you understand the changes and shine a light on some of these once-in-a-century opportunities.



  • Agenda
  • 10K foot view

OTT TV Service Evolution

  • Netflix update
    • The Newest Nordic OTT Pay TV Service
    • Consumer attitudes
    • International Market Challenge
      • US Competition
      • HBO Competition in Scandinavia
      • Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, UK

TV Operators Move Online

  • Putting Pay-TV Online: TV-Everywhere
  • Will online delivery win or save subscribers?
    • Cord-cutting a reality?
    • HBO’s dual-channel approach
TV Connected Devices
  • Smart TVs
  • iSTBs
  • Game Consoles
  • Blu-ray, Hybrid STBs

Mobile Video Driving the Video Market

  • The Tablet (iPad) Revolution
    • Consumer Usage
    • Video consumption forecasts
    • Smartphone usage and forecasts

The New TV Equation: Video+Data+App = Experience

  • Why apps and media
  • Consumer data
  • Cloud TV

Conclusions and Questions


Tilmelding hér.


About Colin Dixon

Senior Partner, The Diffusion Group

Colin brings a wealth of knowledge on the digital TV, IPTV, and over-the-top spaces to The Diffusion Group. Over the last 15 years he has held senior executive positions at Microsoft/WebTV, Liberate and Oracle, delivering products and services to the cable, satellite and IPTV industries.

Colin is the author of many reports and opinion pieces including Broadband-Enabled TV: Rise of the OTT Provider and The Economics of Over-the-Top TV Delivery-How Television Networks Can Shift to Online Content Delivery.  He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering and has post-graduate business education experience from Stanford.

A frequent speaker and moderator at many industry events such as NAB, IPTV World Forum, IBC and TelcoTV, Colin was nominated one of IPTV’s Top 50 People by IPTV Evangelist.


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